What’s my motivation?

One publication that had been considering one of my manuscripts abruptly closed its doors a few days ago. While it was very disappointing, I didn’t let this get the better of me. I believe that in writing, the biggest enemy an author can face is his or her own disappointment. The odds of acceptance are never great, and except for a few rare, lucky people, most writers need a day job to make ends meet. So when you look at it, the payoff for the amount of energy expended can actually be quite low. So why do it?

Out of love. Out of a desire to prove to oneself that it is possible to get published. For the joy of sharing something personal, and knowing that other people are reading and enjoying it, too. For the simple joy of creating something out of nothing. These are my motivations, and they are why I don’t let setbacks get me down.

What are your motivations?

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