Switching Gears

Progress on the novel continues, but I’m in a bit of a slow patch at the moment. To keep myself occupied, I’m returning to some short stories I wrote some time ago, and revising them for submission to some new publishers I’ve heard about. As a matter of practice, I try to have at least two pieces of work under consideration somewhere at any given time. This keeps me motivated because I’m always in a bit of a state of anticipation, but it also gives me a sense of efficacy because my work isn’t collecting metaphorical dust on my memory stick.

I like to think that this sort of gear-switching helps all of my work, because I’m always thinking about something I’ve written, and ideas I have for one piece can always be used for something else if they don’t quite fit. A rising tide lifts all boats, sort of thing.

I’m still moving forward, just at a different pace.

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