Writing it was the Easy Part…

The Tunnelers has been out for a few weeks, and it’s available on a number of websites (which I’ve included below). But as an author my job has just begun. Now, of course, I need to get the word out!

If my work was hardcover or paperback, I could do a lot of my promotional work by arranging book signings at local bookstores or other venues. Even if I didn’t make a lot of sales, the fact that I would be sitting at a table, surrounded by stacks of books, might attract people’s attention and the resulting conversations might generate a few indirect sales. But my book is an e-book, so there’s nothing tangible for potential customers to flip through.

Fortunately, the technology that let me send my manuscript to the publisher can also help me advertise it. There are quite a few bloggers who, if interested in an author’s work, will review it for free, and some of these sites have a considerable number of followers. Some reviewers will also post their reviews on Amazon or other sites, in addition to their own blog, which in turn will generate more visibility. Needless to say, I’ve approached a number of them already, and there is interest.

I’ve also searched local websites for community portals related to my genre (horror), and made contact with them. If things go well I’ll increase local awareness of my book, and make links to other writers in my community. Finally, I’ve contacted my university alumni magazine to post a notice about my book, and I’ve contacted the student newspaper – never underestimate the power of the alumni community.

Although these are only first steps, the feedback I’m getting from them is encouraging. Forward momentum, no matter how small, is always better than sitting around waiting for something to happen. And if nothing else, the connections I’m making are valuable in themselves.

Some places where you can get a copy of The Tunnelers:

Solstice Publishing







Efiction Bookstore

Useful Links:

Simon Royle’s Indie Reviewers listing – a collection of sites that will review your work for free if they’re interested – a great first stop.

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