People are really digging the Tunnelers

Apologies for the bad pun, but in this case I think it’s warranted. As you will know from earlier posts, I’ve been trying to generate buzz about The Tunnelers. One way in which I’m doing it is by contacting independent review websites and pitched my e-book to them as something they might like to review. This isn’t necessarily a sure thing, as most reviewers are doing it out of love, and their time is finite. Therefore, the book (or the sales pitch) really has to be interesting enough for them to add the book to their reading pile. Even if the book is accepted, authors must be patient, as reviewers also have day jobs and other commitments. But, the wait is worth it!

Amanda at Manic Readers has given The Tunnelers 4 stars out of 5. The reviewer wished the book could have been longer, but it was frightening, and it successfully expressed the sense of Lovecraftian cosmic horror that she had been expecting. Here is the full review. Thank you, Amanda!

Colum at Dreadful Tales found the story genuinely spooky, in a Hitchcockian sense. He thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere of creeping terror, and he found that the piece’s brevity added to its strength, which allowed it to pack a heavier punch. He added that he really felt for the doomed miner, whose horrible position, which is apparent to the reader, nonetheless draws the reader in. The full review can be found here! Thank you Colum, and I owe you one for the wonderful pun!

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