Adventure Awaits on Barsoom!

My first story set in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ world of Barsoom has been published in Heroes of Mars, an anthology by Metahuman Press! The publisher has this to say about the book:

“For over a hundred years the savage world of Mars has lived in the minds of generations of readers around the world! Now fans can enjoy new adventures in the grand sword and sandals tradition of the original tales! Inside you will find five all new adventures set across the mythic Martian landscape.”

Divided Loyalties“, the lead story, focuses on the struggles of Kor Tharak, an honourable warrior whose home city faces a deadly attack from its ancient rival.  He must choose between upholding his family’s tradition of loyal service to the royal family of his city, or being true to his own code of ethics and accepting the consequences. 

Divided Loyalties” relates the events at the start of Kor Tharak’s career as a wandering solider of fortune.  More stories will follow.

Copies can be purchased from Createspace, or from Amazon (print and kindle).