They Say Everyone Has a Book in Them….

…and in my case it’s true!

I’ve been quiet lately because I’ve been working on a number of writing projects, some of them gaming-related.  I’m happy to share that a project I’ve been working on for Fat Goblin Games has now been published!  I have written a book!

Heritage Composer is a character design aid that helps players and Gamemasters using the TinyD6 system modify existing character Heritages, or design brand-new ones.  I adopted a genre-neutral approach to ensure that it could be used with any TinyD6 game setting (and I do mean any.)  I also crafted rules for designing characters with multiple Heritages, designing Animal Companion player characters, and rules for creating Monster characters.  I really wanted this to be a one-stop resource that will complement any game.

I was given a lot of leeway to write the book, and the editorial team at FGG are a pleasure to work with.  I look forward to more projects with them!