Expand your Library

As a way of celebrating the upcoming re-launch of its website, Solstice Publishing has reduced the price of its e-books on all Amazon sites to only 99 cents!

If you’re thinking about picking up a few extra titles, exploring a new genre, or if you’re interested in trying out a new author or two, you can’t go wrong.

New Fiction at AE SciFi!

Wonderful news! AE SciFi, a Canadian online magazine that features new speculatoive fiction, has recently published a short story of mine entitled, “The Old Boys Club”. This story can be read for free online, and I’ve enclosed a brief outline of what it’s all about:

Jonathan Lichtmann, a boy in danger of falling in with the wrong crowd, is admitted to an old-name boarding school as a “promising young man”. However, as the year progresses it becomes clear that certain aspects of life at the school are not what they seem, and Jonathan’s mother sees a number of disturbing changes in her son. Is this simply a case of a young boy becoming a man, or is Jonathan changing into something more?